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Default Sony or Fuji ? Please help me make a decision.

I am completely new to the digital camera scene, but after looking at loads of websites I think I have got the general idea of what camera best suits my needs. I have a 180 voucher to spend / add to , to purchase a camera from a UK supplier. I am toying between the Sony DSC-P71 and Fuji Finepix A303. Both 3.2 mp and both have features I like. The Fuji one is much less bulky (like that alot) but the Sony one has more features for not much more money.
Fuji uses xD and Sony uses memory stick. Does the quickness of transferring pictures to PC vary between the two? Also, what is a Card Reader used for. I have an idea, but do you really need one ? I assume you can download images from the camera direct, but how much slower is this without the card reader ? Alot of questions I know....but my dilema is which camera do you think is best ?
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It's plenty fast enough downloading via the camera.

What battery does the Sony use - normally their own and expensive. I stick to cams which use AAs, nice and cheap.

Better off with Xd rather Sony's stick - I hate propriatary stuff.

I had a Fuji 2400Z and it was great so I'd have no reservations buying Fuji again.

Card readers do just that, they read your card and act just like another HDD and are usually faster than the camera. I never use one because I keep my 128mb in the cam and don't usually have to remove it hence reducing wear and tear.
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Hi Martyn
Fuji make superb cameras. I have done a lot of research about Digital cameras over the last few weeks and i can honestly say that the 2 makes that come out with the best remarks are the Fuji (s602) and the Olympus (c-5050).

I have used the Fuji 6900 and it produced fantastic pictures! It is always best to do some research into different cameras with the specs that are most suitable to your needs. Visit Forums and ask questions, just like you are doing now. Get some magazine reviews and take a look at Steves reviews here.

You will always find good and bad sides to every camera, none are 100% perfect. It is just a matter of selecting the one that you will feel happy with.

Good luck with your choice and keep us posted to which one you decide on.
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Between the two cameras listed I would lean towards the Fuji. Main reason is the Sony battery system is proprietary battery system. Replacement cost are controlled by Sony (usally very expensive). The Xd picture card or memory stick does not enter into the decision because there are many vendors for both products.

You do not need a card reader. You can download directly from the camera as you have stated.

Try to visit a store with both cameras available. Test the camera in the store then you can make your decision.
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