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Default Sony P-10 vs Sony F-828 vs Canon 300D Rebel

Hello peepz,

I am looking to replace my oldtimer digicam (Kodak DC290 2.1MP) with a new model and after looking around the net I found three cameras that interest me a lot:

- Sony P-10
- Sony F-828
- Canon 300D Rebel

I am not a real pro photogapher, but I do enjoy spending quite some time with the cam shooting pics @ tuning meetings, zoo's, family outages, ... you know

Now, I can't seem to decide on these three ?? Any advice from more expierenced users?? Or is there another cam I need to look at ?

Thanks in advance!!


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The P10 will fit in your pocket and takes nice 640 X 480 movies. It is basically a point and shoot and there isn’t much there to grow into. I would prefer the Minolta G500 in that size and price range – it is about $50 cheaper and uses less pricey SD cards. It has all of the manual exposure modes and even some zone manual focus. Doesn’t do the big movies though. There is something to be said for a camera you can always have with you.

The Sony 828 is a brute. It is sufficiently large and heavy that I would personally prefer almost anything else. I would go for the Rebel before considering the 828. Phil over at dpreview really didn’t like the 828. http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/sonydscf828/

You get better pictures with a DSLR. You usually can tell just by looking at it that a photo was taken by a DSLR rather than a prosumer with a small CCD. Noise and dynamic range are considerably better. You have to include the price of some good lenses to use the full potential of the camera, but the Digital Rebel plus the stock zoom lens will take a lot of nice pictures. B&H has the camera and the lens for a nice price – you might do better though.

The Minolta A1 has come down to a very reasonable price. It is 5Mp with image stabilization and a lot of nice features. The A2 is 8Mp and early reports suggest it might be very good, but it was just released and the prices are high. If you can wait a couple of months for the price to drop a little and some reviews it might be a good choice. It is currently about the same price as the Digital Rebel with the stock lens.
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Yeah, the 3 cameras you mention are in completely different categories. You cant compare them. You need to decide on what type of camera you want (pocket, small, advanced, DSLR, etc), then choose a model in that category.

I also like the A1. I'll be ordering one this week.
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is the minolta a1 a dslr?
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No. Its a 5MP "Prosumer". Fixed lens (28 - 200mm) with lots of features including image stabilization. You can read Steve's review here http://www.steves-digicams.com/2003_reviews/a1.html
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