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I have just bought the Sony T7 and shot a few photos indoor with auto mode. The camera is great but I am surprised that it shoots all these indoor shots at iso 100.

A typical shot would 1/50 sec, f 3.5 (the camera lens is fairly slow f 3.5-4.4), flash. Normally I would shoot indoor pics at iso 200 or iso 400 with my slr and use less flash (or no flash) to give a more natural pic.

The implication (I guess) is that image quality deteriorates very fast as the iso rises with this camera. This seems surprising given that it is 5 megapixels and that there is some fairly good grain reduction software on the market (neat image for example).

Does anyone have any views on the best iso settings for indoor shooting with a compact digital camera or does it vary a lot from compact to compact? Is it a fair assumption that Sony shoots at iso 100 because that produces the best overall pic (or am I being naive about this)?

To be honest I would be tempted to set the iso to 200 even for out door shooting as I tend to avoid taking pics in very bright light (I live in Thailand) and I like to use as little flash as possible. Certainly with a non-digital slr the pic quality difference between ISO 100 and 200 is hardly noticeable on an 8" x 10" print.

I attach a sample pic if anyone is interested. Its not great but the girl is cute.

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The girl is cute indeed

style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"Now as for your question, yes ISO 100 will produce the best image quality with the least noise... I can't decide for you if the noise at ISO 200 is acceptable nor if after using some noise reduction program the image quality will be up to your standards. I suggest you take some pictures at ISO 200 to try.

style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"I know that I personally try to keep the ISO at 50 on my Canon A95, unless I feel there is a need to raise it... Probably that's what you also should do, but I don't know how u feel with ISO 200 on your camera.
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From what I have read and seen, most digital cameras do have problems with noise at higher ISO. I also used to use ISO 200 film but with digital I always try to keep the ISO as low as possible. I was looking at the Sony T series and I think that having f3.5 as the largest aperture may be the only flaw in those cameras.
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Well I have started experimenting. There is no doubt there is much more grain in digital iso 200 than in film iso 200 but it is not too bad. My guess that I will get the nest overall results at iso 200/400 and depixelate with neat image.

Great camera though - smaller than the original fixed lens exilim. Although the lens is slow it is much faster than the Exilim 100.

Slow lens and a slightly feeble battery are the early downsie.
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