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For all its friendly nature, this site can get very technical (don't get NHL and I started on flash memory and how CF works!)

I agree with baiscally everything you said, and I thought I'd second it. I was going to use the bounce method, but my address is build from programs guessing my name (its rather common) and that I work at a publically help company. So although it was a reason why I started using mail washer, I've never turned it on.

I mostly use it so that I can delete the offending email without triggering the html encoding in it. Not only do I not want the email, I don't want to make them money by triggering their ad banner counter.

If you want to learn more about mail washer, why not read this review:

It also goes into why the "email bouncing" isn't the best idea. It sounds nice, but doesn't actually do much.

For me, my web browser doesn't know my email address. They can ask my browers all they want, but I don't think that "[email protected]" will get them very far.

I also agree with ardvark50 within reason. I use a yahoo email address for stuff that really doesn't matter much. I don't like the idea that my important email is being hosted somewhere that I don't know. So when it matters it goes to a place I trust. When its the email address for a forum or the new york times web site, it goes to an account which doesn't matter.
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the problem is that using filters will only work 1/2 of the time. They use programs that just generate random email addys, most don't make it but some do. They send millions of spam messages/hour on one server and some have many servers. My advice I give is to either have 2 email addys. Make one with a bit more complex address such as [email protected]. You wont receive any random spam then. Also when it comes to spam never open it just delete it.
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I don't mind that mailwasher doesn't catch them the first time around. It doesn't take long before it has built up a "friends list" of addresses that are good. Then I check my mail washer first, almost everything that's listed is spam so I end up deleting and blacklisting most & can preview the ones I'm not sure of, with HTML disabled.

I could tie it into the ORDB, VISI and SpamCop, and I could write regular expression matches to delete most of the obvious ones (any email wanting to enlarge body parts can go into the trash, thank you.)

I don't argue that confusing email addresses will prevent spam for now. But as network connections get better, they will just widen the possible characters they use in the randomly generated names and they'll get you. And if they harvest the emails that bounce (most don't, they spoof the return address) they they'll have you.

That strategy will only last so long.
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