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Default Starter Camera question...

Hello, I'm looking at purchusing new camera in a few days and thought I'd try to get some feedback beforehand if I could. First I'll tell you what I'm looking at and why. My Grandfather bought me a Olympus D-380 for Christmas that has dead pixel, so I'm going to be exchanging it. He told me to upgrade if I wanted during the process. It came from CompUSA, so I'm stuck with their prices and selection. I'm looking at the Fuji 2650,(+$20) Olympus D520Z(+$70) and Kodak CX4230(+$70). The Fuji has received good reviews on this and other sites and had just about decided on it simply based on the price differential until I noticed it had a fixed ISO of 100. It has a faster shutter speed of either of the other two mentioned though. I'm not really planning on any low light or really high action stuff. But mainly want things such as a running stream on a cloudy day to still turn out nicely. I currently have a AGFA CL30 with a fixed ISO of 100 but much quite slow shutter speed that doesn't handle anything moving(such as running water) very well at all. So I guess what I'm asking is which is going to be more important for me, the ISO rating or the shutter speed? Is the optional 200 ISO setting(or anything else) of the other two cameras worth the extra money spent for them? Or should I just keep the D-380, do without the optical zoom and call it good? Thanks for any help, insights, or opinions.

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The Fuji 2650 would be a good upgrade for $20. The 3X optical lens is well worth the cost of the upgrade.
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More zoom is good. But higher ISO will probably give noticeable grain in the less expensive digital cameras. If you want higher shutter speed, you may need more light.
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nuh. Kodak CX4230 is more worth it, cuz fuji is not a kinda good camera that everyone likes. which is not that sharp, not enought focues, where Kodak CX4230 is new great colour cheap.
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