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Creative Commons licenses allow you to specify that certain material can bereproduced without permissionas long as the creator is credited, and/or as long as it's for non-commercial purposes. A friendlier alternative to copyright (well, several alternatives actually), and I am sure CC licenses will be seen more and more on the internet in these times of escalating intellectual-property worries.


If you make a living off of the sale of your copyrighted content, then of course you should keep it under full copyright. But I still think CC licenses will become more common because people are getting more scared of being sued over copyright and can now search the web only for CC-licensed content. I am about to change all the copyrights on the material I have on my site (except for my full-rez shots) to attribution/non-commercial CC-licenses, which will probably even help me to divulge my work anyways, and will allow me to show up on search results that exclude non-CC-licensed (i.e. probably copyrighted)material.

Just thought I'd mention that.
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my view

not a problem with using a pic for yourself...bearing in mind as said all are lower resolution that are posted here

when i put mine on my site i place a watermark right across them or everyone would take them and not purchase any

but as said using any as your own and in publications is naughty !!!

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An excellent way to lose friends you don't even have yet !!

Direct contact with the owner is the only way to begin.

Would have avoided the word 'Stealing' in your thread subject. You have drawn attention to yourself in a very non-flattering way.
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