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Default For Steve - Does anybody agree with me?

I am loving this forum, but I am hoping, prodding or otherwise trying to influence Steve.

Steve, I assume you don't have the time to review the vast quantity of lenses out there, but is it possible to add forum areas for the lenses by Manufacturer - at least the major ones? I have been searching the web and am having great difficulty trying to research the different lenses and there pluses versus minuses.

From what I have been reading, most users experiencing focusing problems are really having lens problems. I find it again and again where people are thinking there camera has an issue and then they switch lenses - voilla - the problem is resolved!

I have decided on getting a Fuji S2 Pro body and have a budget of about $2500 for lenses. I am hoping for three excellent quality lenses to provide a diverse selection of photo options. I am really confused as to what I really get for each lens. Therefore, am confused at to what lenses to persue. I tried visiting local camera shops and have had some luck, but have found most sales personal to be total "non-photographers". After all, if they were good, they wouldn't be selling the cameras, they would be using them! He he

Anyway, it's been very difficult for me to hunt-and-peck for information on different lenses.

Any feedback would be much appreciated!
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or here:

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There is a lens section down by the SLRs. Its by the camera body. It should be by the lens mount. (That has a Nikon mount, right?)

dpreview is a good place to go, they have a lot of gear heads. Go to the Pro Nikon forum, and search on the lens you want.

photodo is getting rather old now. It hasn't been updated in 3 years in some cases. I like the site, but the new stuff just isn't there.

You can also check out:

It's mostly a canon forum, but it has a bit of nikon stuff there.

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