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Some camera sites do say stuff like, this camera is better than this other one, or say don't buy this brand because they are lousy...the problem is they are one person's opinion and of course they're biased or severly jadded.

For instance, many reviewers say cameras like the 10x zoom Olympus are useless because at the higher end of the zoom you can't use it handheld and therefore say to stay away from that camera, but if I had listened to them I wouldn't have bought a great camera where I've taken quite a few handheld shots at full zoom, and even beyond that at full digital zoom (total=27x).

My point is YOU have to go out and try the cameras...and don't just depend on reviews. If you're buying a car, do you just depend on the reviews; as soon as you read a positive review you go to the dealer and plop down $25,000 dollars and say, "I want THAT car."...of course not, you go out and test drive the car to see how it feels, and you should do the same thing when you buy a camera and not buy it sight unseen from the internet.

Once a year I visit a local camera show, and I tried out a dozen cameras that I've read about to see how they feel. Nothing I've tried made me want to upgrade from my current one (the model is 2 1/2 years old). Not everyone has a big show like that, but make a short list and visit a camera store to try out the cameras there.

Anyway, don't listen to just one voice or one review (not even Steve's), but get info from a variety of sources.
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