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Default Steve's Camera Reviews

Someone noted that Steve was not critical of digital camera he reviews. The following are my oberservations:

1. Steve provides technical specifications on all cameras.
2. He reviews the camera's ability to perform in the auto and maunual mode (if manual is available).
3. He provides sample pictures for each camera. The photos are similar as to provide an evaulation of the camera.
4. He points out the strong and weak points of the camera.
5. Steve is challenge because the digital camera market provides excellent cameras. It is becoming a personal choice in lieu of a quality choice (referring to cameras with similar specs).
6. The digital mfrg are reluctant to provide Steve with a camera that is a piece of junk.

I am truly grateful to Steve for this web site and his evaluation of the products reveiwed here.
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Although I am a newbe to this forum, what Steve provide is a great service, I read the reviews and go by what he says.
Sometimes a certain camera may not be listed, but most all of the good ones are listed, there must be thousands of digital cameras out there and Steve can't possably review them all.
The discriptions of the cameras, specifications, sample photos and just about anything else you need to know about the camera he covers.
Because of Steves reviews I picked out the Nikon coolpix 2500, it was within my budget.
All I can say is Steve, keep up the GREAT work.
My only complaint is the printer reviews, only reviews on one HP printer.
But Steve I am sure you have a full plate.
The reviews you do on cameras are the best of any I have seen on the web.
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Default Re: Steve's Camera Reviews

Originally Posted by gibsonpd3620
5. Steve is challenge because the digital camera market provides excellent cameras.
See that i don't agree with. The consumer camera's still have far too much shutter lag, use far too much battery power, have incredibly expensive accessories (anyone bought a 128mb card???), don't come with stabalizers on big zooms rendering them nearly uselss, don't come with a 28mm equivilent wide angle, are often useless at night with an EVF, often can't use zoom in movie mode .... the list is endless. To top it off, the mid range cameras are far too big physically.

All I wanted was a consumer camera with a 28mm wide angle that i could add a bigger tele zoom too + wasn't physically too big. Impossible. I settled on the fuji 3800 but it's the best of a bad lot.

In regards to Steve's .... it's an astounding site, it really is great and so damn easy to navigate. But i do agree, compared to other sites the reviews don't have enough dedicated to what could be improved. The exception being Steve's "soapbox" on Olympus not adding a stabalizer to the big 300mm lens on the C-730 ... couldn't agree more.
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