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trueno92 Aug 29, 2004 11:10 PM

anyone think that this could be useful??

a simple buy and sell section of the forum where users can sell off their old gear and browse thru deals from other members.......

ferny Aug 30, 2004 3:25 AM

I think Steve would be opening himself up for a lot of trouble. There would be no guarantees about what is sold and how would you organise a safe transaction? Best to stick to eBay as you get more assurances.

picnet Aug 30, 2004 3:31 AM

i agree ferny, how safe would the transactions be, but i do trust a few people on here with advice etc, but then again the advice is 100% free :)

But seriously what garantueee could we get for a buy/sell swap thing?, that we 1) get the product, 2) the seller gets paid and with the different currancy it what he was expecting?

just something to ponder on i guess


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