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atlantagreg Aug 17, 2004 10:28 AM


You know I'm always a huge fan of your reviews (big suckup there), but there is just one little comment on your E500 review that IMHO, you may want to rephrase (?)

You mention earlier in your conclusions that the maximum zoom of around 91mm isn't going to do much for distance shots, yet, near the end, you make this comment... "Its outdoor results are terrific, making it a good choice for your travel photos and shots of your children's sporting activities."

I'm not sure I'd recommend a 91mm zoom camera to folks for "children's sporting events". It would be fine for everyday shapshots, most vacation pics, and pics of the kids or pets in the yard - but take it to a football game, and that 91mm zoom sure 'aint gonna get much more than 2 dozen players and what you might make out as a ball, in the frame. :blah:

With smiles,


mordor74 Aug 22, 2004 5:38 AM

I'm also a fan of Steve's review, i've read a lot and found useful information in complete context, but this review leaved me a bit disappinted. I know this is the less interesting model from the upcoming new batch of fuji model, but sice this is the only review around i expected a deeper test (or maybe a deeper comment...). This model has a lot in common with other two e model and, if i'm not wrong, share the same senson with the new s3100/3500 and s5100/s5500, so a deeper review will have interested all people courious about thoose model.

But i see no mention about picture qualiti in general and iso noise and color quality in particular. No much is said about the difference between macro and supermacro and their overall quality, no comparision with any other model has been made and finally i would apreciate some more sample shot!

irrelevant Sep 9, 2004 10:52 PM

i agree with folks above.

Steve's review is one of the few that i fould on internet about fuji's new E class. And it is indeed helpful in many ways.

However, the conclusion seems not so convincing. From the sample photos, one can see the quality of the image is not thrilling at all. The images is noticeably soft compare to other 4mb cameras from cameras like A80, or even a 3mp camera from fuji itself---s5000.

However, e500 is not a good camera to buy as Steve concluded. I mean, for $200(places like buydig), what more could one ask for?

trueno92 Sep 9, 2004 11:41 PM

i think he ment it more like kids playing in a sandbox, in one of those infateable pools or on a swing set..


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