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Default Steves' topic...what I should buy...

I agree with Steve. Everyone has a favorite camera and manufacture. I have many...Nikon, Fuji, Cannon, Epson, AGFA, and many more not mentioned. I get really upset when I take a great picture and someone asks...."what camera and film did you use?" It was I, that saw that great moment and it was I, that made it happen....camera..yes made it happen, but was me the artist!
You need to pick the digital camera that "feels good" to you!
Steve gives "great evaluations!!" Listen and make your own choice and am sure you will be happy. Digital for the next 10 years will change every 6 months...think you will live that long? hope so...
Happy New Year to all ... love your comments and still learning... :lol:
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Default Mmmmmmmmmm.....

1. Which house should I buy?

2. Wich car should I buy?

3. Which girl should I marry?

It must be your own desicion. :x

In our country we say. :lol:

""If it's good it's from God-if it's bad it's from you."" :twisted:

It means;

If you give an advice, and it's good the people will never thank you they will say: thanks god and it was their own desicion.

But if it's the opposite you will be the victim and blamed very bad.....

Life is starnge..He he he
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Reminds me of my stock brokerage days. If the client made money on a stock, he had made a great stock pick. If the stock lost money, I (the broker) was an idiot for talking him into that worthless junk.
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