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ixirockx Dec 20, 2010 3:32 PM

Sticky Camera
I had my digital camera in my backpack and my dad stuck some bananas in there too. Of course, the bananas smashed all over my camera (Canon A720 IS). I cleaned off the outside pretty well but now to zoom toggle is completely stuck.
I tried disassembling the camera to see if I could clean off just that part but I can't seem to get near it. If I remove the LCD screen is it possible to clean out the inside of the camera with distilled water or will it ruin the lens? The camera is still functional, but I don't want to completely mess it up.

VTphotog Dec 20, 2010 5:07 PM

I would not recommend water, or disassembling the camera. I think I would use isopropyl alcohol (100% if you can get it, 91% if not), and a soft brush. ( a makeup brush should work well) Test the alcohol on part of the camera first, as some plastics may be attacked by the alcohol.(I've not run across this, but others claim to have) If the alcohol doesn't hurt it, then pour some in a container, and swab down the affected parts with the brush wetted in the alcohol. Operate any switches or moving parts while continuing to brush. Repeat as necessary.
May not work in all cases, but what have you got to lose?


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