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Is there a way to produce a still photo (jpg) from a movie (avi)? Stupid me, I took a 30-sec movie of a family event, then put the camera away. Later I was going through the photos/movies and realized I didn't take aphoto of the event.I would like to produce a jpg from the opening frame of the movie.I have a Canon A75 and the manual doesn'tgive any direction onif this is possible.

I'm hoping there's a software package out there that do this. Any ideas?

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Just recently stumbled on same problem. This is my way of doing it.

If you are using Windows Media Players for playback, go to the Tools > Options > Performance tab. Slide the Video acceleration to none and save the settings. Now play your movie clip and pause at desired point, press the PrintScreen key on your keybord to take a screenshot. Open your photo editor and paste the image. Now crop the image and save it as a .jpg file.

Should work that way Good luck!

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In addition to what is described above, here are some other techniques for capturing still shots from video...

Capturing the screen works but the best way is to use some video editor (I don't know about the A75 but Canon usually bundles some video editing software with it. I have Arcsoft VideoImpression with my Canon S1 IS). With VideoImpression, start a new video, drag the clip to the bottom and then right-click on the playing image near the middle right, and select 'save as'.

Another alternative is to use Apple Quicktime and go to 'Edit->Copy', then paste into some image editing program (like Windows Paint or whatever) and then save it...

Most video editing programs let you capture a screen shot. The resolution and quality won't be as good but oh well...you are going to be shocked by the resolution :?:?
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Thanks guys.

The ALT-PRINT SCREENsaved the shot from QuickTime and I was able to paste it into PhotoEditor and crop it as necessary. As you said,theresolution isn't so great. I won't expect much when I print it but it's better than nothing.
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If you bump up the resolution of your monitor you may be able to take a bigger print.

But of course the resolution of video is not very good compared to a still picture.
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