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So, what's the deal with Stock photography?

Like a lot of folk's out there, I'd like to make some cold cash with my photography. I've heard of several methods and idea's, but one that I'd like to find more out about is Stock photography.

Has anyone out there made any money with this method? What would be a reasonable time lapse before you actually earned some $$'s. How easy or difficult is it to start? Are there any web sites that would provide more information?

Thanks in advance for you input.


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Check your local library for books on this. My library has several books on how to make money on photography, including Stocks. The thing is, with advent of dSLR, there are much more competition out there.

Good Luck!

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This link may help you....even as a beginner. At the very least you will improve your photography whilst trying to earn money....like fast-track in a way!

With some of the newer "micro" sites you can start earning immediately...the bigger agencies take time and you need a hefty porfolio to compete with over 2 million images. Saying that I make good money from both the smaller agencies and companies like Alamy.

Good luck

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From what I've heard from people I know who sell to stock agencies here are a few points
- A lot of people are trying to do it, for exactly the same reasons you are.
- This means a flood of better than average shots are being submitted... so the prices are dropping (why pay lots of shot X when many others have similar shots?)
- The number of people who produce really good stuff is still fairly small... so if you're really good, then you might do well there.
- You have to understand what they actually want in a photo. The needs of a stock agency are not the same as a good photo to you and me. They require different composition and often different subjects (For example, I have a nice picture of a hawk eating a snake in wonderful light with a blue background. Sharp, great detail, no distractions. And nearly unsellable. That is not a scene of nature that will sell to most companies who are looking for stock photos. Certain groups migth want it, conservation groups for example, but no ad agency would touch it.)

Definitely start with that link.
I'd also look for the book by John Shaw:
John Shaw's Business of Nature Photography: A Professional's Guide to Marketing and Managing a Successful Nature Photography Business (Hardcover) [/b]

It's not exactly the market you're looking for (probably) but its a good book to have either way. Lots of good stuff about selling your images in there. And John is just a great photographer.

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