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Default Storage of the cf-cards


I will visit the states in the next month, and will take many pics with my new s400 Canon cam (512 MB cf-card). I think this card is not large enough for the hole trip. I don't have a notebook with me. If it is not necessary, I will not buy a second card.

Do you think, I can go in a small store to burn the pics to a CD. Or do you know an other solution for my problem.

Thank you for your help
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You can buy portable hard disk devices that will allow you to dump your images from your memory card.

However as an alterantive why not spend a little time each evening on your trip checking out the days images and deciding what you want to keep. Be rutheless. Then delete the rest.

Your card will fill up over the course of the trip, but I find that this approach, plus a spare memory card, works well for me.
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You'd better make sure you look like a millionaire if you're going to try getting pictures put onto CD's in the USA.
Only a week ago I was on holiday in LA and went into a camera shop to do such a thing. I started to use the self-service machine they have for this in the store, when they guy behind the counter said "Don't press buttons on the machine, it's for customers only. Please leave the store". I wasn't wearing my finest dinner suit that day, but the sizeable camera bag I was carrying (with about $5000 of equipment in and 2GB of photos to put onto CD, which I informed him of before I left) should have at least indicated I wasn't some random...... well, I don't know what he thought I was up to :S
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If I were in your shoes that guy's ears would be ringing for treating me so rudely...I would have at least spoke to the manager (then again I was in retail for over 10 years). Would have said in a loud (but not angry) voice, "I was a customer until I was treated so rudely by you...now you've lost a sale!"
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A. Los Angeles isn't the United States.
B. Most libraries have computers available for the public and at least some have the ability to burn CDs. If you want to use a card reader, carry your own.
C. Before I'd try a camera store, I'd probably hit a small computer store that builds computers. I'm betting they would burn the CD for you for a small charge.
D. I suspect you'll find most people friendly and helpful.

If you know what cities you'll be in, you might try emailing their libraries or small computer stores, explaining what you need, and asking if they can help. If they say they can, be sure and get a name. It helps when you show up.

Have a wonderful trip.
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Originally Posted by patrickt
A. Los Angeles isn't the United States.

It's not??...then where is it?
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