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Default Storage thing that stores photos from memory cards questions

Greetings again,

I'm wondering what that storage harddrive type thing that you put memory cards into to transfer photos so you can reuse the memory card is called?

Also where can I get a 2-3 gig one that takes 512 MB CF cards as well as what it will set me back price wise?

Is it solid state or is it like a moving HDD?

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Well, if it's about 2-3 GB 'thing' that you've heard of, it's likely a hard drive with moving parts. Storage solutions that are over 1GB that have no (internal) moving parts are very expensive.
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you mean a digital wallet?
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Take a look in the Storage and Media forum at DPReview. You'll find info on all the current options.

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Or you can look at the reviews that Steves has done. Check out:

From a point of slight ignorance, these are the things I'd consider:

1) Does it support all the type of cards you want (realize that adapters are made to change most (if not all) to CF.)
2) Battery life - some are much lower than others.
3) How fast it transfers the pictures off the card.
4) How fast does it transfer from the hard disk to the computer. USB2 or FireWire are preferred. USB1 is slow. USB2 is safer, as it will work with the older USB1 ports. Firewire is generally faster, but few PCs have one (but a lot of macs do.)
5) Does it validate the transfer? I would consider this invaluable.

Extra features
1) Does it support video out? Then I could take some pictures to my parentís house and show them to them.
2) Does it display the picture on the device (i.e. built in LCD.) This is a battery killer, but it could be handy. Tough choice.
3) Does it support the proprietary RAW formats some cameras have? Does the maker have a history of patching the firmware to add support for newer RAW formats?

Then when you purchase one do you get it with a hard disk already installed? Often they will sell them without a hard disk, giving you the flexibility to add whatever you want... but you have to do it yourself. If it werenít much more, I'd get them to install and initialize it... I've read a few stories here about how people did it wrong. Doesn't sound worth the hassle.

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