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JimC Jun 6, 2010 5:46 PM

I'm glad you mentioned something, as I didn't realize that and I'm a Comcast customer. From what I can tell from their web site, they are planning to change over many areas to digital soon (and have already done that in some areas). I don't know if we got the same letter or not (my wife may not have paid any attention to it since she pays the bill online).

The tuner card I bought has both analog and digital tuners. I was hoping to use both tuners at the same time. But, it looks like I may need to buy a second tuner card if I want to watch one channel and and record another at the same time now. Or, just get one of the little USB tuners that works with Linux instead.

It looks like they'll only offer the basic channels via Clear Channel QAM, and anything more would require their box, although it may vary by area. See this FAQ about what happens if you don't do anything. LOL

See more FAQs on the right side of this page (and they have a long list of more FAQs if you click on the link to see all of them):

But, I did find some forum posts about them already switching over some areas (I found one post that said everything above about channel 30 went away in one area using a digital tuner only versus their box), which means that perhaps more channels will still work than meets the eye compared to the text about it on their site). But, again, that will probably vary by area.

I don't watch much TV anyway, so I don't even subscribe to any premium packages. But, we have multiple TVs in the house that do not have digital tuners built in. Grrrrr

I'll do some digging, find out when they're cutting over my area, if they'll still have analog content for basic channels as well as Clear Channel QAM, etc. Ditto for how Cable Cards are supposed to work (as apparently, that's another way to approach it, but I don't know what kind of software works with them).

Dahammer Jun 8, 2010 12:17 AM

I'm curious as to what all they'll start flagging as "Do Not Copy". The MPAA has already convinced the FCC to force sat/cable companies to shutdown the component video outputs on their boxes when showing newer titles. Here is a link to the article:

Anyway, I'll probably end up buying something like the Dune 3.0 Prime/Base, when my wallet recovers a bit. And build a backend server to feed it. I don't watch much TV either (no time), but I have a house full of kids that do. The MythTV setup would mostly be for them. All I really want is to show photos and/or home videos to relatives when they visit.

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