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Default Suggestions for a good fanny pack/camera bag?

Hello all!
Just wondering if anyone here can recommend a good travel bag for my Olympus C-5050. I'm hoping to visit Europe this summer with my wife (10th anniversary!), and would like to find a good fanny pack that can double as a good camera bag. I'd prefer not to use a regular camera bag and end up looking too much like a tourist. Better yet, any Europeans out there that can advise me as to what is more common in Europe (specifically France and Italy)?
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Don't, easy as that. it willbe taken.

Hold your camera or wear it under your shirt. the busy cities (Rome, Prague etc) are full of gypsies.
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Don't use Fanny pack in europe - I can't stop laughing :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: - different meaning, bum bag's the closest.
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The Samsonite Worldproof 3.02 is a relatively small camera bag that works nicely with the D7 and the C-2100. It may be a bit bulky for what you want, but it has loops for a belt so that it can be carried as a "fanny pack" (sorry steve6! :lol: ). You may be hard pressed to find what you are looking for to hold a camera the size of the 5050.
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This is probably a bit more general that you'd like to hear, but...

I'd go to one of the larger camera stores in your area (if possible) and check out what they have. Call them and ask if they carry LowePro bags (one of the more popular bag companies.) If they carry them, then they probably carry others as well. Just because others like what they have doesn't mean that you'll like it. I know I did that when looking for a "camera backpack" and decided to not get what I was thinking of.... I wouldn't have known if I hadn't seen it first hand.

My other comment will be to look at the bags made by LowePro.

They might be a little more expensive than others, but they made very good stuff. One thing which I like is that they put a lot of effort into making them comfortable to wear. They distribute weight well and have padding in all the right places. Also, the layout of their bags is almost always adjustable. They make a variety of waist/fanny packs. The benefits of going with a LowePro might be less with a fanny pack... but in their larger bags, the ability to wear the bag for hours without getting a sore back is amazing.

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