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aleyedig Mar 29, 2018 1:30 PM

I recently saw a Canon AX60 hs superzoom camera, with an optical range of 28 to 1600. It was lightweight, with good image stabilization and, I believe, a 2.7mm focal length. This turned me on to the superzoom category and I was wondering what other peoples' experiences have been with this camera or similar ones. Thanks!

lomitamike Apr 2, 2018 12:39 AM

Well when it comes to super zooms I'm not the most knowledgeable by any stretch of the imagination. I have used two super zooms in the bridge category of cameras. The Panasonic FZ200 and the Sony RX10 IV. Both are ok. If you've shot cameras with an aps sensor or full frame, you may be let down if your not shooting in ideal conditions and don't need to crop a lot. On the plus side of super zooms, It's nice to have such a large focal range in one lens. The whole camera is a lot lighter then a camera with lager sensors plus long lenses and they are getting much better IQ as the technology evolves. The panny FZ200 was used for a soccer game and airshow. The small sensor really made its short comings apparent during processing. The Sony with the larger sensor performed much better, but its a much more modern camera then the panny. It's also much more expensive then the panny was when it was new. The Sony is very nice.
I have not shot the Canon. That zoom range is about 1000mm more then what the Sony and the Panasonic shoot 24/28 to 600. That's a huge zoom range.

Ozzie_Traveller Apr 3, 2018 4:06 PM

G'day aleyedig

I am a lover of superzooms [see pics on Flickr below] and Mike's comments below are very valid too

Every camera on the marketplace is a series of compromises - size, weight, features, price, etc. etc. and a superzoom is no exception

For myself, coming from film SLR cameras with multiple lenses, I found my first superzoom of 14x zoom a delightful, lightweight camera which offered me all the features I needed for my sort of photography without the weight, bulk or costs of a digital SLR with modern lenses

Mike mentions the Panny FZ200 - of which we have 2 in the family [his 'n hers] and I use it regularly, especially for its low-light f2,8 zoom lens which the Canon / Nikon / Fuji [and maybe others] cameras do not have. However, like ALL superzooms with their small sensors, the sensor noise does make itself visually present on many occasions. One could never use such a camera for commercial work [weddings, people etc.] but for heaps and heaps of personal stuff, they are beaut cameras

I have many 8" x 12" prints around the house taken by one or another superzoom and they look as good as any 'professional' camera. I have on occasions printed superzoom images to 20" x 30" posters and they also look good on the loungeroom wall - but they do start to show noise in places

I have also found with my various superzooms that once over about 18x zoom the image stabilisation does fight with the lens magnification and the images can at times appear less sharp than I would get when tripod-bound. Thus I use a monopod for much stuff, to try to minimise image 'chatter' when zooming out above 18x or so. For myself, I would not buy a camera with 40x or more zoom as there are too many optical compromises within the system

So ... it comes down to what you want to do, what sort of stuff you want to take and how you want to show the world your results

Hope this helps

greenbaron Jul 7, 2018 6:25 AM

4 months late to the party, but figured I might answer anyway. I'm guessing at this point you meant the canon sx60hs. It has the widest wide-end of any superzoom that I know of, reaching from 21-1365mm (equivalent), and proper complete all in one feature set also for video. I started off with super zooms as an aviation spotter and have (had) quite a few including this canon sx60hs, my latest purchase in the superzoom class. For optical range, feature set (also video!), raw capture and connectivity I think it's the best all-in-one package. Be that with the limitations of the small sensor as mentioned by the others. I have to say, if an identical version was released with 4k video I'd order that without hesitation. There are a few true superzooms (60x+) with 4k video out now but not as feature rich as this canon.

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