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Hi. I'm wanting to take surf photos from the water and am looking for a compact digital camera with the following specifications: 1) Able to take a burst sequence (continuous shooting) of at least 3 photos per second and a total of at least 4 photos (at full size) in a burst. 2) have a battery life of at least 1.5hrs when left on. 3) preferably have a water housing available for the camera. I'm not too worried about megapixel, but preferably 2-4. Can anyone suggest any cameras with these capabilities? I am using a Pansonic DMCF1 at the moment which is good but battery life is poor. Thanks.
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Hi garden surf,

Welcome to the forum

I wouldsuggest two cameras for you:

Olympus Stylus 300 which is water resistant.


Panasonic FZ10 with following add ons:

1. Circular polarizer

2. DPS 9000 external battery

3. 512 MB SD card

4. Housing for camera (check with Panasonic for recommendations on a housing. Titan has a good rep for housing).

FZ10 has 12x optical zoom AND image stabilization.

Regardless of which cam you choose, please post some photos in one of the Post Your Photos threads afterward!

Good luck

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Pentax 33WR and 43WRare also water resistant cameras.
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The Panasonic 42WR doesn't have a full size burst mode you would be happy with, but it captures 4 shots at just under 1Mp in 1.5 seconds. I don't think it is underwater waterproof. It also has a nice time lapse mode and high quality movies.

The Canon S410 shoots 2.1 fps in burst mode for 4 full sized frames. The S500 is about the same speed but buffers 8 shots and has a high quality movie mode. I think the same underwater housing works for both.

The Kyocera Finecam SL300R is small and does 3.3 fps. It has no viewfinder other than the LCD and the flash is weak. Shutter lag isn't great either. The M410R is an exceptional camera with fast burst, but isn't exactly compact. I don't think they make waterproof housings for either though.

I'm not familiar with the Panasonic F1. If it is a FZ1 and you are happy with it you might consider a battery for it. They are small and would fit in a bathing suit pocket. I have one of these for my FZ10 and it seems about as capable as the Panasonic battery:
http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/ebayISAPI.dll...tem=3825064183 I guess if you have a waterproof housing for it changing batteries would be a little bit of a hassle, but for $20 to solve your unhappiness with it rather than buy a new camera it might be worth the occasional hassle. If you don't have it in a waterproof housing changing batteries is about a 5 second job.
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I think your talking about the Pentax camera instead of the Panasonic Slipe?

Yes, if you want waterproof, either go with a dedicated divers digital camera, or get a waterproof case for it.Otherwise, water resistance won't cut it if you plan to go swimming with it.
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