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Default synchro times D1x vs Dimage/Coolpix

Hi all,

comparing (for fun only) prof camera's as Nikon D1x and Prosumers like Minolta Dimage 7i/ Coolpix 5700 i saw that for the D1x a flash synchro-time is given, while there isnt one for the other cams. Does that mean that those camera's synchronizes at all times when using them with a studioflashing unit ??
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Because they didn't expect you will using those P/S cameras with studio flash or with flash at manual mode. You can contact the tech support of the mfg and findown the X sybchro speed of those cameras if you want to shoot and use manual flash mode or studio flash (and you must know the guide number of the flash at the default ISO to calculate the F-stop if you don't have a flash meter), for those cameras with the provided hotshoes, you must use an adapter to convert them to PC sockets...cheers
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I assume that by "flash synchro-time" you mean top sync shutter speed. DLSRs have focal plane shutters like the film SLRs they evolved from which limits flash sync speed. If you set a shutter speed faster than the sync speed then the entire frame is not exposed at the same instant. If you take a flash picture only part of the frame will be lit. non-DLSR digicams don't have that limitation. I can take flash pics at 1/2000 with my Dimage 7 which is a boon to studio photography. Ambient light ceases to become a factor which gives me more control over how the flash lights the scene.
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