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Default Synchronize Monitor and Printer

Problem: Getting photos from my Epson Stylus 920 to match photos as they appear on monitor screen.

I'm working with Adobe Photoshop Elements 2. After tweaking images on screen getting it just right the final image colors on the printed photo (printed on best paper available) are noticably different than color as it appears on the screen.

Is there a way to tweak or to "synchronize" PE2+Monitor+Printer to achieve optimum results? Thanks in advance/JAG.
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I have a Spyder which calibrates your monitor. Here is a link: http://www.bhphotovideo.com/bh2.sph/...ID=F50CF857430
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Elements 2.0 should install Adobe Gamma into your control panel. You can use this as a way to calibrate your monitor. I would highly recommend that you calibrate the montior at the time of day that you will use it most for the editing.

I use mine mostly during the daytime hours in a room that has three windows (one east, north and south) on the weekends and the images match extremely well. I try to only make the prints at any time, and no they don't match. But then the lighting is back to when i calibrated the monitor, all is beautiful.
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It depends on how important this is to you (sure we all want what we see on the screen to match the print) but you're dealing with two different colour theories here, additive (red+green+blue=white) on the monitor and subtractive (cyan+magenta+yellow=black) on the printer.

If you're really serious you can get (expensive) calibration hardware, but you may be able to get by with using monitor and printer profiles (or put together one of your own).
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