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I had posted this in the lesser traveled Nikon Lens forum without an answer. Sorry for the double post.

I just bought a Tamron AF 28-300 XR lens on Ebay and didn't notice that it is not a Di. I just moved up to a DSLR from a Canon S1 IS.

I wish I found this forum prior to clicking BuyitNow; I guess that's the reward for my impatience.

My intentions were to replace the 28-80mm lens that came with the D50 kit with one lens that will meet most of my needs (toddler photos indoor/outdoor with some wildlife and future sports photos).

My question, what are the differences between the lens I bought (it is returnable) and the Di version?

Thanks for your help!

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As far as I know, the DI version only has the newer *digital* lens coatings. This is designed to minimize reflections off the sensor, onto the back element of the lens and then back to the sensor again. This can result in a magenta *ghost* image near the center of the photo. This is not the same as lens flair, which occurs when a bright object, such as the sun, is in the photo and produces (usually) a series of images that take on the shape of your stopped down aperature.

I have the non DI version of the lens, which I have been using without any problems on digital SLR's for over 4 years now.

If the lens is in good condition, you really should not have any problems with it.

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