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wvyankeegurl Dec 2, 2002 11:07 PM

Team Group shots -which is best ?
I know this may be an old question but what camera takes good indoor group shots, for example a basketball team.
I have a Olympus E100rs , it takes great shots outdoors and individual shots, but i really havent got to test group shots indoors which i will on Wed. I dont need big prints just 5x7 size.
Would a add on flash help with better quality pics?
I would love to own a 4 or 5 pix camera , such as the Olym E10or 20 or Nikon D1 or up. But a bit out of my range at the moment.

IF anyone has any suggestions for me on taken with my OlymE100 and a good one to maybe look in the future of buying just for these sort of shots please tell me please!


KCan Dec 3, 2002 12:59 AM

I think that your cam is fine for the shot you planned ( 1.4 Mpix, 5x7), 38 mm wide angle may be a bit limited but ok. But, the important is an external flash, imperative IMO, unless the stadium is very well lightened , but a good wide-angle flash will improve greatly, no doubt .
Good luck

PS: your cam has an pc sync terminal , isn't it? you can rent or borrow a good big flash for the event.

wvyankeegurl Dec 3, 2002 9:06 AM

Thanks for your help, the lighting in the High school gym is a bit yellowish , it doesnt do well in there, but ill prob. do a bunch of test shots . They are doing a program with the players in it and adds and such. This is my fist time doing something like this so I dont want bad shots,lol. Im a bit picky.
I have never tried an external flash before, ive wanted too.
Not sure , but it may have a place to put one, really havent looked ,lol.
Im just a rookie , i taken pics for a long time but only digitaly for about 3 years.
thanks again

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