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I wanted to know if there is such thing as a camera that can be both digital and film together?? A camera that uses film and features like film but have a view of pictures taken like a digital camera you know where you can view your pictures after it is taken and to develop the pictures you have to drop off your film. Is there such thing??
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Nope, nothing that can do it at the same time.

The only example I've heard of in smaller formats of a camera that's even compatible both waysis the digital back Leica made to be used with their R series of SLR's. I'm not even sure if it's still available today, and it's one of those "if you have to ask how much, you can't afford it" things.

Of course, if you have LOTS of money to burn, I believe there are digital backs for Hasselblad medium format cameras, but that's about it. If you wanna film camera, you're gonna need to buy a film camera. If you want a digital camera, ditto.

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Greg is basically right, but such beasts have been put together for portrait work as sales tools. The digital image was used for the client to preview while they were still in the studio and more likely to crack their checkbook/credit card/wallet wider open than they woudl be a few days later. The print would be made from the film. It can only be done for that kind of use because parallax would mean the two images can only be made to cover the same area at one distance.

I recall reading about that kind of rig something like 15-20 years ago when digital was no where near good enough to print an 8x10". Doubt there are any in use now since the resolution of digital is sufficient for any realistic enlargement. (Take a look at the Hasselblad backs Greg metioned if you have any doubts about that.)
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Yes, basically you would need to go medium format and then have both a film back and a digital back and swap them out. But why would you want to do that? MF Digital is head and shoulders ahead of 35mm digital and capable of creating some very large prints that would push the limits of MF film to match.
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