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I recently purchased a slightly used sony H10, and took some shots with it. With outdoor shots, I was quite impressed, but with Indoor, i think it needs adjustment. Can somebody please tell me if these shots are goot for a H10, if not is it my camera using fault or do i need to change some settings? I can't seem to find image stabilisation and I cant find how to change the ISO :?I really do not know anything about this camera. Anyway, here are the shots:

A clock with poor lighting, at almost sunset, the only light coming from the window nearby, no zoom:

A shot from my window, no zoom:

A shot from my window, A bit of zoom forgot how much:

I will add another shot of a cupboard with good lighting soon.

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Shot #1 - indoor...your camera averaged the exposure, because you have it set to 'pattern' metering mode. If you wanted a good shot of the clock, you would be better off setting the metering mode to spot, or center. Also, your camera is set to ISO 400. You may have need more for that shot, due to the low lighting situation.

Doesn't seem to be a camera fault - blame the operator.

Shot #2 - taken at 118.8mm. No comment.

Shot # 3 - taken at near max zoom - 378mm. Nothing in focus. Could be due to difficult subject (lots of little branches), or camera movement...or both.

Did you get a focus lock on the shot? If you didn't - operator fault.

It's a good camera - read the manual, learn how to use it.

Good luck.

the Hun

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Okay, I can take excellent shots outdoors, but indoors, there is always a lot of noise. Can anybody please tell me how to overcome this?

style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"Thanks
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Most Point&Shoot digicams are going to struggle indoors, especially without flash. The lenses typically aren't bright, and the smaller sensors are prone to noise above the base iso, which you have obviously discovered. Poor exposures make noise alot worse, so learning to use exposure compensation and how your camera meters will help give you better exposures and thus lessening noise. That being said, you're only other option is to add more light through flash. There are many small, portable slave flash units that can either be used on or off camera to add more light, thus allowing you to use base iso for many shots.
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