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Great info, Dustin, I cannot tell you how much I appreciate it. Unfortunately, I leave for a month in the Canadian Rockies on July 2, and will likely have to use these Quantarays, or at least the 70-300, as I cannot afford two new lenses, not after buying the 7D. I have used these Quantarays on previous trips to the Rockies, with my film SLR, and got what I THOUGHT were good photos. I am beginning to see there is much more that can be done than what I have been doing. Your input has been very helpful.
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one more big piece of advice.. if you do not do this already.. learn some post-processing.. at least the basics.. so get you a copy of photoshop elements if one didnt come with your camera and get to barnes and nobles and get a book that teaches you some basics on how to use the program.. then concentrate at first on learning how to use "unsharp mask" and on how to use "levels".. just these two tools can make a world of difference in the quality of your photos.. actually DSLR manufacturers purposefully have the images that come out of their DSLRs come out a bit soft and a bit low on contrast.. this is on purpose so that you, the photographer, have more control of your images.. give it a try over the next month and i think you will be amazed at the control you have once you learn a few simple things about photoshop and your pictures will definately improve..no matter what lens you are using..

best regards, dustin
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Jacqueaux wrote:
Honestly, what else would I want than getting a good picture. No, really, I ask quite seriously. Pointomg and shooting, the XT appears to get better looking shots than the 7D. But the 7D is a better camera, right? What will the 7D give me that the XT will not, other than the items you note above. Steve's reviews of each says the XT has sharper photos, but am I missing something? Should I expect more of the 7D than I am seeing? If I am going to hang on to it, I want to be confident I can get quality photos out of it.
Well, I should have rephrased that a little better. Generally, (since I don't know too much about the 7D) a more expensive SLR will give you more photo-shooting capabilities than a cheaper one. It doesn't come to "which cameras give off a better picture" between the low to mid SLRs. Picture quality will mostly be in what lens you have. It's, "what are my limitations".

An example is that I was taking pictures of flowers but I wanted the subject to be a little to the bottom right from the center. Well, now the XT will not AF on its own because theres no focus point there. I totally forgot about manual focusing since 95% of my shots are AF. A 20D's 9 focus points would of cover the area I wanted.

Another example are times where I really wished I had ISO 3200 because a lot of shots I take are indoors, and I don't like the flash.

And then there's just raw speed. A 20D can take shots faster than the XT so it can be better at taking burst shots.

An important factor to you owning a SLR is being happy with what you got (you SHOULD be considering how much money you will invest into SLRs). Overall, I'm very happy with my XT. Are you happy with your 7D? I can't convince you the 7D is better than the XT because I know very little beyond the Canon scope, which also makes me a little biased. :evil: . But once you keep on saying, "I wish my camera did this and that" too often, then MAYBE that will be the time to reconsider. if you can, ask your mother to borrow the camera for the whole day or so, take pictures of what you generally take and then if you don't have a lot of complaints (other than the focal length of 18-55 from the kit lens), then you're set for the XT.

The thing better than "rent and buy" is "borrow and buy."

And I agree with Hards80. Knowing some post processing can make some pictures REALLY shine.
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I downloaded "AF SLR LENS TEST GUIDE" That covers all makes ,all sizes.It is a bit of an eye opener on some tests It is as I thought the wider the lens the herder it is too make regardless of make. There are some third party lens that are better than own make lens. For instance the Sigma 105 macro shows excellent while the Canon 100 F2 just gets a good rating. Like I have always said, you pays your money:? and you takes your chance
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Setiprime wrote:
Can't read your blue colored type. They are SECOND party lenses. Where is the "third party"??
You are the first party (BUYER/OWNER). The camera mfg. is the second and anyone other then that istheTHIRD PARTY...


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"Thanks for the input. I asked Minolta support about the SECOND or THIRD party aspect when I was chatting with them, they have no idea why it is called THIRD party either!"

You are the 1st Party, the camera company is the 2nd Party, and if the lens is made by a company other than the camera manufacturer, they they are the 3rd Party.
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Actually the correct "party" definition is as follows:

The "First party" is Canon, and any lenses made by them.
The "Second party" would be lenses made by other companies for Canon, or that are officially Canon approved.
"Third party" are lenses made by companies completely unconnected to Cannon.

I'm not too sure you get second party lenses in the camera world - hence Mintola's confusion - but it is very common with computer games and the like.

Nintendo make their own games for their machine, starring Mario. They are first party.
Sometimes they licence other companies to make games using the Mario character, such as Mario Tennis was made for Nintendo by a company called Camelot. That's a second party game.
The third party games are those made by all the other video game companies, but work on Nintendo's machine.
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Darned good on the definitions - with a minor point or two not quite on target.
Canon does NOT have other brand name lenses that they 'approve' officially. They are extremely tight about their operational firmware and all 2nd/3rd party lenses are back-engineered by the manufacturer.

Some optical elements are made to Canon specs by Hoya/Tokina (or their parent corporation). Main components and assembly is conducted inside Canon facilities.
One big reason that Canon can make fast turnarounds in optics is that they have complete control over design/engineering/assembly. The EF-S series of lenses are being developed at a comparitively rapid pace. They seem to be introducing new lenses with each major camera release and roll them into "kit" deals at a reduced price.
NEVER lose sight of the fact that it is ALL about marketing position and profit.
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