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svejar Jul 3, 2004 1:14 PM

Well, I got my girlfriend going on the idea on us getting a digital camera...

I've narrowed the choice down to three cameras:
- Canon G5
- Canon A80
- Sony DSC-W1

I know there is a price difference between these cameras, but I can handle that if it's worth it.

For most of the time we will be taking "ordinary" pictures - outside in the daylight, inside, buildings, cows eating - the ordinary stuff. But from time to time I would like to take the camera outside at night and shoot pictures. I'm talking about streetlight "night", not "dark-as-the-inside-of-your-pocket" forest.

The biggest "problem" is our total lack of photography knowledge - we will need a camera that can take adequate pictures without constantly having to change a lot of settings. That's my prime concern.

Any input will be appreciated.

slipe Jul 3, 2004 2:22 PM

They are all excellent cameras and will take good pictures on full automatic. The G5 will give better indoor shots without flash because of the faster lens. Won't fit in your pocket though.

I would personally likely go with the W1 due to its portability, but you lose a little zoom range compared to the G5 and have to buy the pricier Sony memory.

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