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Default tiff or not tiff

what is diff between tiff rgb and tiff cmyk? 8 bit and 16 bit?

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RGB uses the additive primaries red, blue and green for light source images such as a screen. You start with black, and add colors in combinations. Full intensity of each color = white.

CMYK - cyan magenta yellow and black - the subtractive primaries are used for printing where you start with white paper and make things darker. In theory the first three colors should be able to make black but in the real world they don't so you need discreet black ink.

8 vs 16 bit refers to color depth. 8 bits in a color channel allows 256 discreet levels. Three 8 bit channels is 16 million colors (16777216 actually) which is considered true color for a computer screen. 16 bits gives 64k shades per channel.
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