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New Beetle Feb 24, 2004 4:30 AM

Time to take advantage of being in taiwan?
I use my Nikon coolpix 775 for all my photos, thats mostly close up work and travel photos, day and night. Obviously the 775 is pretty low rent nowadays what with only 2 mega-pixels etc.

I am currently taking a couple of months out of the rat race and spending the time satying with a friend here in taiwan. Nver really thought about upgrading my camera, until I stepped into the city centre and was surrounded by 1000's of cool looking digital cameras that make my Nikon look very old fashioned. And from what i can see the prices here in Taiwan are pretty good.

I would want something that most of all gave me a decent improvement from my 775, and secondly looked cool (I know shallow, but its important to me). I would imagine some of the smallest cameras suffer quality wise in the imgaes they can produce due the smaller apeture etc?

I guess what I am looking for is just a few suggestions for me to start looking and checking out the prices. My main criteria are:

1: General improvement in performance over my Nikon coolpix 775

2: Cool design, small.

3: Good night-time camera, I love taking city photos at night with all the lights of skyscrapers etc.

Thanks for your help and look forward to your replies.

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