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Ive love photography even at my young age but I dont really seem to have a steady hand, and I've got a old sony p93 and it has to image stabilization so any tips to get a steady hand? Does it just come with practice?
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Use the optical viewfinder. Press the camera against your face with your elbows against your body.

It is difficult to steady the camera holding it out to use the LCD as your viewfinder.

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If you hold the camera with only one hand, try using two (or three if you've got them.)

Try bracing your arms against immoveable objects (i.e.: furniture, doorways, cars, etc.)

Try bracing your arms against your body, and bracing your body against immoveable objects.

Try standing with your legsfurther apart.
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Practice, practice, practice... that's the best thing you could do.

It is entirely possible to develope a very steady hold using an LCD. Until recently, I would have been in the "optical-finder-or-nothing" camp, but even though I have been "converted" so to speak and today have one camera that's LCD only in addition to one where I have an eye-levelfinder, I do think it would be very difficult to use an LCD onlywithout image stabilization of some sort built in to the camera.

It's not hard finding help if you want to read about it. Just go to google and type in "holding a camera steady"...here's one article that comes up near the top of the list...

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I agree with the above comments.
I'll add an interesting trick.

If you're camera has a screw hole for mounting on a tripod you can put a screw in it that sticks out just a little bit... enough to tie a string on.

Tie a string long enough to reach the ground for the high you often hold it at. When you need some extra stability you lower the string and stand on the end. Then pull up on the camera to tighten the string. The resistence should help you hold the camera steady.

It isn't a great solution (keep the string in your camera bag when not in use, its annoying....) but it can help.

The thing I tell my students is "no chicken wings". Keep you elbows in & up against your body.

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