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I was just wondering how many other forum readers have been listening to Tips From The Top Floor and to make people aware of it if they weren't already.


It's a Podcast produced by Chris Marquardt in Germany and has been giving me some very good listening for the last couple of months or so.

It is published 3 times a week and details can be found on the web site mentioned above. Or, if you use iTunes, just go to the Podcast section, search for "photography" and you'll soon find it.

The show comes in nice "bite size" chunks, generally not more than 10 minutes (although it has been known to be longer) and covers all kinds of issues that might be of interest to anyone from the "newbie" to the expert. Very professionally produced.
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Pretty cool! I've added it to my Podcasts. Thanks for the tip!

There is another photography related podcast called Lenswork. You can search for the word in iTunes or go to their website at:


It focuses more on the art of photography.

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Thanks, thats a new one for me :-)
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Thanks for the pointer to lenswork - will go and check it out over the weekend.

And just to make it clear for those who don't know - you do not need an iPod of any kind in order to listen to Podcasts, they are standard MP3 files so any MP3 player will do the job nicely for you - whether that be on your PC / Mac or a standalone player.

For those with iPods then iTunes now features pretty good support for Podcasts, if you don't have / use iTunes then iPodder(http://www.ipodder.org/)also does a very good job at retrieving your subscribed Podcasts.

There are some gems out there.
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