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I know the Canon 70-200 f/2.8 IS has a tripod collar (guessing it's for centre of gravity more than anything else), but for hand held use is it likely to be too much of a strain to hold the camera (A 20D) only and let the lens "hang" of its mount?

Obviously when taking a photo two hands would be used but when walking round in between shots and holding the camera down to one side... ?

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I have never used a large, heavy lens on my camera but some thoughts come to mind. First is that a large lens should never be handheld. Unless you are using a very fast shutter, you'll never be able to hold it steady enough.

Second, as you mentioned, the weight of the lens is putting a lot of stress on the mounting. Hand holding the camera, even if you support the lens with your hand, the weight and momentum of the lens will cause flexing of the mount and could damage it.

If the lens comes with a tripod mount, by all means use it! I would not want to be faced with the repair bill if the mounting ring of the camera body is damaged by the lens.
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I've been using a 70-200 VR and 80-200 lenses on my Nikon D100/F100 and an F5 from work (this should apply to Canon as well) for a long time. Never had any problems with the lens hanging from the mount while the camera was dangling from my shoulders or neck. The weight distribution then is pretty evenly spread downwards, unlike holding the camera and not supporting the lens with your other hand - that will in time warp the mount. I've also used a 300 f/2.8 but that lens (and larger) comes with its own support straps - it's just to heavy a lens for the mount, and should NEVER be carried dangling from your shoulder or neck as you would with a smaller/lighter lens - use the straps from the lens instead.
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I've got the Sigma 70-200 f2.8 which i'm guessing is probably similar in weight... i used it on my DRebel for a year and now on my 20D for a few months.... no problems with it "dangling"... as far as i can tell anyways...

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