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Default Tough Choice - Trade Off In Features

I have been looking for a camera for 6 months. There are a lot of good cameras, but there are so many tradeoffs. I'm looking for your perspectives.

Here's what I like:

1. Take portraits (head or head/shoulder) with blurred background.
2. Landscapes
3. Landscapes with night shots
4. Macros

I've looked at cameras from $400-$1000.

I want this to be a hobby in taking pictures and editing them.

Here's the cameras that I like:

1. Oly C5050 - lots of features, 5 MPfast lens, good liking, feels good in the hands. Not pocketable. Zoom only 3x - will I need more zoom to take candid portraits with blurred background and print out 8 x 10. Without the bigger zoom, will pictures be ok if I crop them to get a head/shoulder shot and yet be 12-15 feet away when taking the pictures - so that the shots can be more natural and candid. It little bit pricey - would a better compromise be the c4000? Is faster lens of 5050 a big advantage over c4000. Not sure if this size camera will make me not take it with me as much as a sub-compact.

2. Oly c50 - very compact. Could see taking this with me a lot. Can't use a filter. Will polarizing filter be very important for landscapes with lakes. Live in Minnesota - land of 10,000 lakes. Or can I correct for reflecting light with software. How important is faster lens of c5050 over c50 (f1.8 vs 2.8)?

3. Fuji 3800 - great price, does not feel as solid as OLY. I think 6x optical will give great flexibility

4. Fuji s602 - is it worth $200 more than Fuji 3800. More bulky, but once you get past the pocketable size of oly c50, I'm not sure if size makes any difference - still smaller than slr.

5. Oly 730 - wow - 10x lens, but heard about loose battery connection problems. Not as nice a feel as c5050.

6. Cannon - s30, s40, s45 - looks like great cameras but not as small as c50. They seem bulky enough that I wouldn't consider them much of an advantage sizewise as the oly c5050.

7. Nikon 5700 - not sure I want to spend this much, but seems to have what I want and it feels comfortable in my hands?

What is a good price point where you are getting 90-95% of the quality and useful features for serious but does not have to have the best, type photographer? I don't want to overspend on a few very minor details that I probably won't notice the difference unless I do a magnified side by side picture comparison, but don't want to regret not spending enough.

From the pictures on the Website and reviews, I think once you get to a certain reasonable quality camera, the biggest factor in having a nice picture is how well you pick and frame your shot - you have to have a photographers eye.

Any other recommendations? Maybe I don't need other camera recommendations, since my list is already too long.
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Go ther Fuji 3800. For starters, why settle for the standard 38-100mm zoom???? Ehy not have more fun?? The macro is very good and the big zoom is great.

if you have the dosh consider the Oly C-730.
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Old Dec 4, 2002, 1:15 AM   #3
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Look at a dimage 7I.
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Check out a refurbished C-2100. If you liked the features of the 730, you'll love this one.
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