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My dad got me this really crappy Argus 3185 camera he ordered online and it was bad. The pictires it took indoors were horrible its like it couldnt adjust for indoor lighting and if it did it was way over exsposed or so dark you couldnt really see colors good.

Is there a way to trick the sensor for this? maybe cover it up? or do somthing different?

Im not even sure where the sensor is actualy on the unit.

Out doors it wasnt to bad (#4)

over exposed with flash under an overhead 75 watt bulb.

Same overhead with flash off.

Click thumbnail for fullsize images.

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For you to be talking about tricking the sensor, I guess that the camera doesn't have any manual controls, and any scene modes that it might offer don't do it for indoor (low light) situations.

If the above assumptions are accurate, the camera might now be functioning at it's design limits as far as maximum available aperture and ISO. If that's the case, I think that you just have to shrug and accept the limitations.

On the bright(!) side, all the poorly exposed pictures could give you some major experience in post processing with your favorite editor!

You ever seen the sites that deal with a photographic subculture called "camera tossing"? Some of the stuff they get is pretty cool, but you should be using a camera that wouldn't cause you to loose any sleep if it gets busted. :idea: Check it out with a Google safari, you might get hooked!

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One thing you might want to try to reduce the overexposure of the flash on close-ups is to tape a piece of translucent plastic (clear but frosted) over the flash, to aact as a diffuser. This should cut down the light a bit, and help with the strong reflections.

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