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Default tried a few cams & took the pics home...

I tried the Minolta Z1 and Z2, and Panasonic FZ10, and Sony F717 in Fry's, mostly the high ISO settings, at full wideangle and full zoom.

first, the zoom pics... btw all pics (unless otherwise specified) were taken with aperture priority and the flash disabled
exif: aperture 3.5, shutter 1/160, focal length 58.0, iso 400, exposure comp -1/3

exif: aperture 3.7, shutter 1/125 sec, focal length 63.0, iso 400, comp -1/3

exif: aperture 3.7, shutter 1/80, focal length 63.0, iso 400, comp -1/3

exif: aperture 2.8, shutter 1/200, focal length 72.0, iso 400, comp -1/3

exif: aperture 2.4, shutter 1/320, focal length 44.1, iso 800, comp -2 (should have cranked it up a notch but I either was running out of time, or didn't find the exposure compensation control)

now, the wideangle pics:

exif: aperture 2.8, shutter 1/200, focal length 5.8, iso 400, comp -1/3

exif: aperture 2.8, shutter 1/25, focal length 6.3, iso 400, comp -1/3

exif: aperture 2.8, shutter 1/160, focal length 6.0, iso 400, comp -1/3

exif: aperture 2.0, shutter 1/1000, focal length 9.7, iso 800, comp -2 (see other sony f717 shot for explanation)

a few nightshots from the F717:

both are aperture 2.0, focal length 9.7, compensation -2. The iso 100 shot is 1/30 sec, the ISO 800 is 1/60 sec.

And, a couple low ISO shots

aperture 2.8, shutter 1/50, focal length 6.3, iso 50, comp 0, manual mode

aperture 3.7, shutter 1/30, focal length 63, iso 50, comp -1, exposure prg = "normal"

I didn't have time to try a Canon S1, A70 or A80 (for comparison purposes only), (out of my price range: Sony F828, Canon Pro1, Olympus C-8080, Minolta A2, which was the other 8mp cam?).

I did take a few shots with an Olympus C-750 (they didn't have the 765 or 770) but it turns out my multi-card reader doesn't support xD.

So.... which of the cameras that have pics linked in this post do you think should be the best for getting reasonable quality fast-shutter pics?

btw the Sony F717 has the fastest shutter speeds, but I apparently had the compensation turned down almost a couple stops, and they're pretty grainy imho. Of the superzooms, which I'd prefer (I don't want to have to get an 8x teleconverter for the F717), which do you think is the most likely to have salvageable images while losing a minimum of sharpness when running them through neatimage or helicon noise filter?

btw I tried the zoom on the movie mode on the Minolta Z2, and I didn't like the sound of it. I never heard the zoom on my (former) S1, but I didn't like the high ISO image quality or the low-light auto-focusing (or lack thereof), so I suppose to get a decent movie mode I'll be looking for a camcorder (probably in the < $400-500 range that takes good low-light movies and has a good optical zoom range) in a couple months, maybe. In the meantime, I'm mainly looking at still image quality. I'd like a single camera that can do good zoom and get really good pictures in daylight, and get usable pictures in low light without a flash.

Oh, one more thing - any changing of the pixel dimensions of pictures I might be doing would most likely involve cropping, not resizing/resampling.
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