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Ponin Feb 19, 2005 12:44 AM

I hope the mods don't mind this. It is not entirely related, but kinda tests the combined general knowledge of those on these boards.
This was on the discovery website. Please post links to where you found info that lead you to your answer.

1. The Zamboni is a Canadian invention, right? Wrong! It was actually invented in California by Frank Zamboni, a skating rink owner who was tired of the time and effort it took to maintain his ice. Since there weren't any machines that did what he wanted, Zamboni took a hands-on approach, and built his dream machine himself! And that brings us to our first question...

Which part was not used by Zamboni in his prototype?

a)axle from an army truck
b)cylinder from an A-36 bomber
c)seat from a tractor
d)steering wheel from a school bus
================================================== ======
2. In the winter, some of us like to get out there and frolic in the white stuff, and some of us prefer to admire those who do. But even the most dedicated couch potatoes have close encounters with the snow sometimes. We either love it or live with it, but how much do we really know about it?

Which statement is not true?

a)Snow crystals are not white.
b)No two natural snow crystals look alike.
c)High humidity makes for the most extreme snowflake shapes.
d)Air can make up 90% of fresh, uncompacted snow.
================================================== ======
3. Blizzards can dump quite a bit of snow, and that's never more obvious than when we have to dig out after a big snowstorm. Now, just for the MindBender of it, let's say that your driveway is 10 metres long, by 4 metres wide, and that there's an accumulation of 40 centimetres of heavy, wet snow on it. That kind of snow can weigh a lot. How much? That's what you have to tell us.

What weighs about as much as the snow in your driveway?

a)2 Volkswagen Beetles
b)40 average female caribou
c)8,000 1L bottles of water
d)40,000 quarter pound cheeseburgers

calr Feb 19, 2005 9:55 AM

I think all of the above.

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