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louageo Jun 1, 2003 5:10 PM

Is this true?
I saw Olympus America auctioning off cameras on eBay. Is this the corporate offices? For the most part they were refurbished as best as I recall.

Any feedback on Cameta Cameras?

I found Olympus C740's in the range from $364 US to $405 on the web and at eBay. All were US 90 day warranties.

This might be good for someone looking for a camera.

tolpuppy Jun 1, 2003 5:56 PM

I bought a minolta s414 from cameta camera on ebay about three weeks ago. Had no problems whatsoever. camera was well packed and i got it at a good price. A little bit of a sales pitch on extras when i called to pay and actually did buy a 128 compact flash card from them. They were not pushy about it though. All in all I was very happy with them and would buy again .

louageo Jun 1, 2003 7:44 PM

Thanks for the input.
That's great. I need some input like that to keep me focused. I'll keep all posted as to the decision and what happens when and who I buy from.

Again, many thanks,

eric s Jun 1, 2003 9:50 PM


I'd be near your computer with your favorite camera web site loaded. When they try to push some accessories, look up their prices. Some places push things when you call to pay because they have a large markup on them (i.e. you get ripped off) others do it because the seller gets a commission (and the prices are ok.)

louageo Jun 2, 2003 2:08 AM

Something to keep in mind!
Eric I'll keep that in mind. There are certain accessories I will need, such as a tripod and perhaps a addon flash. a remote cable, extra batteries and a charger.

However, I'm a real tight wad eventhough sometimes I am moved by impluse items.

At my age, life is too short to give a whole lot of concerne for the 10year future. As I see it, "If I haven't done that then I'd better do it or I might forget about having wanted to do it in the first place."

I'm not looking on more of 10 years down the road. Eventhough I survived colon cancer 12 years ago.

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