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Thanks everyone for your honest replies and thoughts. Yes this is just my theory and is based upon a lot of speculations and assumptions.

I, like many customers who purchased the same product, report in the forum our concern about quality manufacturing of a certain lesser brandname camera (I am not going to name names, in case I got sued!). I do understand that bad pixels do develop over time. However, too many people discover that these bad pixels occur when the product is supposed to be in the "brand new" condition, right out of a new box.

Many people also reported that when they returned the product for an exchange, they got a replacement with exactly the same problem. Some of these users did buy from non-authorized dealers and sellers. To explain this phenomenon, this is why I raise the speculation about the rather loose "refurbishment" practice of the manufacturer (the less work, the less cost, and the faster the refurb items go back into the market), and the possible involvement of anonymous internet sellers.

Maybe I got too much into the "conspiracy theory", I apologize!

I have also bought refurbished products many years ago - my first miniDV camcorder (a major brand name one, again name withheld) after VHS-C was a refurb. I discover there was a stuck pixel in the sensor, which was easily spotted on the LCD screen (and when played on TV, which meant it was not the LCD). I returned it to the manufacturer. They honored the limited warranty and fixed it. However, this just shows that the quality control process on refurbs may not be as stringent as you think, and this is why I made my speculations.

I guess there are supposed to be a set of rules that people expect to follow - but in practice/ reality, there are always ways to cut corners and "bend the rules". I always wonder how much compromise has to be/ has been made in this atmosphere of cut-throat competition, even for a major brand name manufacturer.

No, I DO NOT know the exact process of quality control (in terms of new products and refurbished products), and I also DO NOT know the sales policy of refurbished items - what I said was PURE SPECULATION, so please DON'T take my words for real!!
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