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I live in the UK and given the option, I would have bought my new camera from the USA without question. The UK is such a rip-off for electronic goods.

You shouldn't need to pay any tax on your way back into this country. If anyone trys to take tax off you, I believe you can just say that the camera is a gift and it should then be exempt. It's obviously bending the law quite a lot, but I know plenty of people that have done it!

There will be no problem with PC compatability. You may have a problem if the camera has a TV out and does not support both PAL/NTSC, but I think most cameras can be switched between the two.

Also, as said, the charger is an issue. If it's just a AA charger you can pick a new one up cheaply when you get back home, otherwise it may cost you a bit more if you need one by the camera's manufacturer.
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Eddie J

Some of the best gifts I have bought have been for ME.
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Old Jan 21, 2003, 5:23 PM   #13
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Eddie, the gift idea isn't quite correct, there's a limit of about 150 for gifts, any items over that have import duty & vat charged at the full price of the item. In December 2002 my Minolta 7Hi was about 1050 here in the UK, I bought it from Cameta Cameras in New York for 634 inc. FedEx shipping to my sister in Florida and picked it up while we were on holiday there, even with the import duty & vat it was still a lot cheaper.

Some things are cheaper here, CF memory seems to be about 10/15% cheaper use http://www.Crucial.com/uk/webpromo and put anything you like in for the code to get 15% on-line discount and free shipping also NiMh batteries, a pack of 4 Panasonic 2000mAh costs about 5.85 ($8.75) from http://www.7dayshop.com
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Old Jan 21, 2003, 8:42 PM   #14
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Tell me about it, here in the UK, we pay over the top for electronic goods.

Why do we get ripped off ? We have a strong currency, but we still pay over the top! Our taxes suck!

Plus we get most things last!
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Old Jan 22, 2003, 6:59 AM   #15
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mk1972, I think it's a worldwide conspiracy to stop us from reverting to the stereotype of living in castles and using tramps as firewood.

However, it's more likely to be because of taxes. I do airsoft and we get a lot of our stuff direct from Hong Kong because this country is so expensive, so this is always a hot topic with us. Items coming into this country are charged VAT at 17.5% and a customs duty at 3.5%, so that's a 21% increase in price before you've even included the shipping charges and any retailer markup.
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Old Jan 22, 2003, 11:54 AM   #16
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Also the VAT you're charged is based on the price after the 3.5% increase and the cost including delivery.

Roughly, I was charged about 75 import stuff for delivery of a $500 Burris telescopic site. Still saved a small fortune though.

Can't remember the exact amounts but the import duty does vary depending what the item is, e.g. 3% ish for optical stuff.
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Old Jan 24, 2003, 5:09 AM   #17
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Many thanks for all the advice-in summary- buying ok in usa,check rechargable battery situation(new mju is not lithium rechargable),and get it cheaper-- if feeling guilty/worried re customs then budget for approx 21% extra on return-- still seems cheaper to me.
PS comments re whether sony would cover this when back in UK seem contradictory?? :?:
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Old Jan 24, 2003, 6:02 AM   #18
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You forgot the loss of TV out function, unless it's dual format PAL/NTSC!
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Old Feb 15, 2003, 4:44 AM   #19
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Canon powershot G2 / G3 has switchable video out, ie NTSC or PAL and the " in camera" battery charger is universal, well, O.K. worldwide, runs off 110 - 240 volts 50-60 hz, the mains plug will need to be converted to fit the U.K supply. this may help as I've been out looking for a Canon, not an Archdeacon or a Bishop, sorry British Humour,..... thats, humour, Bye.
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