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Default Uncompressed formats

While shopping for a digital camera, I ruled out many because they didn't have an uncompressed file format... But... after thinking it over... Is there a noticeable difference between JPEG and TIFF formats between prints no larger than 5 x 7?

I'm asking this mostly because I was comparing S30 and S230. At megapixel.net, S230 got better ratings but it didn't have an uncompressed format, while the S30 did.
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My C3020 can record TIFF and three quality levels of JPEG compressed files. I now exclusively use the SHQ setting (which as far as I can determine is equal to 4:1 JPEG). I can't discern any 'visible' deference between image files recorded in TIFF and SHQ JPEG format and printed at 8" x 10". The perfectionists among us will argue that even zero compression JPEG is not loss-less and therefore, you should record your images in RAW or TIFF (loss-less) format for the ultimate quality, but for my eyes and shooting habits, the nearly eight-fold difference in memory card storage space saved more than offsets any theoretical image quality loss between TIFF and SHQ JPEG.

Let me quickly point out, however, that once I've transferred the captured images from my camera to the computer and have done any edits that I will then always resave them in TIFF format. JPEG losses (no matter how small) are cumulative with each save.

The bottom line is that unless you're wanting the absolute optimum image performance (and are willing to pay for it) don't be overly concerned about JPEG -v- RAW/TIFF.
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Good answer jawz. Yes, you play with a jpg image and save as the original and you lose resolution. Play and re-name.... save your original.
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