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wela1978 Sep 12, 2009 4:07 AM

unknown camera
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Hi Guys,

I hope you can help me. A friend of mine bought a camera realy long ago.
she installed the disc for downloading the pictures from the camera in her computer, but she did'n't keep the disc, and since then she already had a new computer....
now she has a camera with a lots of pictures, and we tried to connect it to the computer, but it won't recognize it. there is no card for the pictures.
On the camera it says DigiCam with 1.3 Mega Pixels by interpolation...
and on the bottom it has a sticker that it was QC on 2007.
I attach its picture here.

Please help,

Thanks, Ela

TCav Sep 12, 2009 6:31 PM

Your friend's camera looks a lot like this one:

The bad news is that these types af camera are mass produced and sold under different names through different vendors, none of whom offer any kind of support. In order for her to get the software she heeds for this camera, it might be easier to buy another one just like it, if she can find one. And if she's going to do that, she might as well buy a current one from a company that offers better support.

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