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Ran through the slide show via m laptop running Windows XP Pro connected to a 21" Hp Monitor and other than the men jumping in the air looking like its way over-sharpend everything else looked good and ran fine for me. Great selection of very beautiful photos, makes me want to go out and find some dressed up people and take there photos (don't many people around her dress up and its 10:37pm at night). Well you got me inspired to want to shoot........... Great job as always

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Old Oct 23, 2011, 3:52 AM   #12
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Looks fine on an iPad.

I think you could do a bit of work on the shot order in the slideshow.

Have you watched Zack Arias' podcast website critiques? Highly recommended, once you get through them all you will want to make some changes.

Overall though looking good and better than the last site, moving in the right direction.
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BTW, it looks like Adobe has decided to abandon further work on Flash for mobile devices. See this news story about it:


I remembered this thread and thought I'd let you know.

But, since the Android browser and many third party browsers like Dolphin HD use the WebKit rendering engine (just as Apple is using in their browsers), then Flash isn't *really* needed to see your slide show.

Of course, as long as the code on your page is written so that the slideshow won't work on a mobile device device without Flash unless it's an Apple; that's going to prevent anyone with an Android phone or tablet without Flash from playing it, unless they "spoof" their browser UA so that it's telling the web site it's an iPhone or iPad instead. ;-)

That does work OK when I use Dolphin HD and spoof the User Agent so that it says it's an iPhone (it's got a add-on UA toggle button available so you can easily do that without going into browser settings). That makes sense since the WebKit engine in Dolphin HD should render content the same as the iPhone's browser (Apple's browsers use the webkit rendering engine, as do Google's Android Browsers and some third party browsers like Dolphin HD).

But, many users are not going to realize they can do that (change the UA in their browser so that it reports that it's an iPhone instead of an Android based phone).
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IOW, I'd probably bug the Zenfolio developers about it, since they could change it so that Flash isn't required to play your Slideshow with phones and tablets running Android. ;-)
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Thanks Jim, I will pose the question to them and hopefully they will make a move in the right direction..... in honesty I expect they are as they are pretty on top of changes needed to keep things current.
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