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Default Upgrade. Help me decide!

I have recently sold my aging Fuji MX-2900 and am ready to move to something with less image noise (which I hated!), more MP and greater control/features. I have a choice between an Olympus C720z for 220, an Olympus C4000z for 299, or a Canon G2 for 439. My budget is about 450. I enjoy variety in my photography so a good all rounder would probably suit me best. Can you recommend a camera out of these 3 or an alternative?

much appreciated,
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Forget the 720, go for either the 700 or 730 (the 720 lacks manual focus, option for external flash, and other goodies).

There's a 740 now out, no option for external flash though but it's a better built camera, and there's a 750 coming out next month.

But all that aside, what do you want in a camera? If you want low-light shooting look for a camera with a focus assist beam (there are many messages here written on the subject).
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I agree - avoid the C-720. I tested, it's "dumb" compared to the
C-700 and C-730, both of which I have used extensivly. You can get a really good price on either of these cameras now, main difference is file size (2 MP for C-730 vs 3.2 MP for the C-730). Looks like the C-740 is similar to C-730, the C-750 makes a jump up to 4 MP file size. I get great 11x14 prints from my C-730. All the C series has the very useful 10x zoom, low light is good, not great, you have to practice - use a tripod, experiment with the flash setting, use noise reduction, try faster ISO, etc. Can't beat this series for options & portability, amazing camera for the size. I'm waiting for the olympus SLR system to come out this fall before I make a final decision on SLR. I hope this helps. Best - john
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