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pjz Mar 14, 2004 7:59 PM

Upgrading from 2MP camera...looking for advice
I have finally decided it's time to retire my current 2MP Coolpix and move along to something a little more advanced. I am very much a novice photographer (family functions, vacations, etc.) but I enjoy taking pictures and find myself taking more and more all the time. I also spend time editing some of the images in Photoshop.

I thought reading a few reviews would help bring things into focus, no pun intended, but that hasn't been the case. There are too many features to consider and I can't determine which ones are really a necessity for my needs. I have an "idea" of what I think I want and need, but could use some guidance from someone with more experience. My decision to upgrade was prompted after missing shots due to slow lag time, shot-to-shot delay, bad images in dark or low-light situations, blurry images due to not so steady hands, and not having enough zoom for those distance shots.

With that said, here is my wish list-

Minimum Requirements:
<=3 MP (preferably 4 or 5) and <=4X Optical Zoom

macro mode, RAW image format, manual controls (focusing, white balance, etc.) and good ISO capability

Somewhat Important:
movie mode w/sound would be a nice bonus, I favor the SLR-style cameras but it is not a requirement

I am looking to find something that will fit my needs in the $350-500 price range. I would prefer a model with rechargeable batteries. The storage format is not a deal breaker either way, but I already have a couple of CF cards kicking around which means I would be willing to spend a little more $$$ on the camera itself. If I could get most of what I am looking for at the lower end of the spectrum, that would make my wife happier. :D :D

mrmatt Mar 14, 2004 11:54 PM

I recently upgraded from a Fuji 2mp camera and ran into similar questions and concerns that you are voicing. After reading countless reviews, message boards, and more reviews, I finally decided on the Minolta DiMAGE A1. It has 7x Optical zoom, 5mp resolution, manual zoom and focus, and the clincher for me was the Anti-Shake or stability control the camera has.

The A1 is outside you're budget, and you said that Movie mode was a desired feature, perhaps the Canon G5 or Sony CD500. I was really leaning towards the Sony CD500 but the 3x optical wasn't quite enough for me as Zoom was one of my #1 concerns. My uncle has the CD300 and loves it. The Sony F717 is also a great camera but might be a bit outside you're budget. I know the CD500 can be had for about $500, and the Canon G5 for around the same last I checked.

Hopefully someone else will weigh in with some more reccomendations for you, best advice I can give is pick the one or two options most important to you as you likly won't find a camera with all the features you desire.

Enough rambling I'll go wait patiently for my A1 to show up, hopefully Tuesday!

shoelessone Mar 15, 2004 4:40 PM

sorry, i knwo this is slightly off topic, but if that 2mp coolpix you are selling happens to be a 2100, and u hapen to want to sell it, i have been looking to buy one used for my GF for a long time, assuming u want to sell it cheap (i dont need much, besides the camera, ASSUMING ITS THE 2100!).

I would personally go with the G5. I personally have a digital rebel (out of budget :)), but I owned a G3 before that. I have also owned a s200, and s230, and a40, and a digital mavica. that being said, if u want higher resolution, but portability, i LOVE the digital elf cameras, perhaps a s400?

if u dont care about size, the G5s have been discontinued (i have heard) and i KNOW you can find them at some best buys for around 400 dollars (LESS than 400 dollars)!

G5 has great quality images, but if you dont want to spend that much, you could always look for a G3, which is basically the same, minus 1 megapixel. Once again though, if it was me, i would buy the s400 probably (canon), or the sd100 if you want something cheaper.

p.s. if you really do happen to have a coolpix 2100 and want to sell it, email me at shoelessone at hotmail dot com.

good luck!

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