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rjseeney is cojmpletely right,after signing the petition i have just been informed as to who created it, and that in fact itis a load of cobblers. I just cant't believe how many other people have signedthe petition and been sucked in like i was.

The internet is certainly a powerful way of promoting your own ideolgies and fooling others:?!

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longside1 wrote:
Hi guys,

Apologies for getting political on everybody but I think this is worthy of everybody's attention, whether you're a UK citizen or not. Below is an exert from an email notifying people of the Governments intentions.

"The UK Government are about to propose restrictions on photography in public places which could make street photography and documentary photography against the law.

There's a petition on the Downing St website against the Government's

proposals to restrict the use of photography in public areas.


Sign, and forward, if you are so inclined ....

There are a number of moves promoting the requirement of 'ID' cards to allow

photographers to operate in a public place.

It is a fundamental right of a UK citizen to use a camera in a public place,

indeed there is no right to privacy when in a public place.

These moves have developed from paranoia and only promote suspicion towards genuine people following their hobby or profession"

Clearly some members of this forum may agree with what the Government are planning, and if this is the case i completely respect their views. However if you disagree then I think it would be wise to sign the petition.

Regards, Matt.

This is another example of the internet running wild and out of control. This rumor has been circulating for several weeks now, and is not true. No such bill exists or is being proposed. The photographer who started this petition even says so on his own website, http://www.phooto.co.uk/rights.shtml The website this petition is posted on is known as a place where fringe groups post and promote their "beliefs", and is not really taken seriously by anyone (let alone any government). It is getting tougher and tougher to use your camera in certain places, but a law banning the public use of cameras would never pass and would be unenforceable if it did.

So relax, the world has not gone completely insane:-)

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