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Default USB docked cameras

i'm doing some research for my company and i need to know what some good USB DOCKABLE cameras are out there? i've seen the Kodak EasyShare CX4230 and HP 812 (neither were reviewed on this site ), but i can't seem to find any others...although, i think kodak has a few more dockable cams. any suggestions, personal experiences, reviews would be great.

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Default Wide angle/panoramic too

i would also like anyone's thoughts on panoramic/wide angle option as well...would be nice to get the entire package in one - USB dockable, easily transportable, MMC or FLASH memory, panormic.

thanks again...sturmie
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I'm not sure what you mean by 'dockable.'

You mean like with a Palm Pilot/Win CE device with a cradle?

If so, my own take is you mainly hook up the camera for downloads or the rare firmware update, so a cord or Compact Flash reader works out great.

I do see how it would be nice to just 'dock,' the camera and have it re-charge, but desktop space, other assessories, and gear means the dock would not be a feature I would consider.

MMC is nice because of the size, but the 64MB limitation is a killer. CF cards make the most sense and offer the best storage/price ratio in many cases.

I also wanted a camera that has 'all in one,' but you know what that means.

It's like the all in one office machines that scan, fax, print, copy, etc. It does none of the listed tasks good most times.

With these digital cameras and how fast things change it may be best to just buy the one that does your most often used application the best.

The optics, ergonomics, clarity of pictures, and options you want could be the base and you could add other gear later on as needed.

I hope I didn't stray too far off your topic.
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i should clarify a few things....my bad .

first, i actually meant SD cards and NOT MMC....whooops. also, the USB docking cradles are used by Kodak (originally?) and now HP is starting to get into them too...some our higher ups seem to like the USB docks (go figure) and that's why i have to look into cams that can use those.

here is a link to the latest Kodak cam compatible w/ their EasyDock II ...

EasyShare CX4230

that said....any other thoughts?

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Hmmm...It sounds like you may be IT/IS support? If so, when has an exec ever been right about a technical purchase? *grin*

Not that you can say that, however...

Another thing that stinks about USB and the cradle idea is possibility of frying the USB ports. I've seen this mainly with the USB charging Palm devices, but now I'm wary of any USB device that draws power from the port. I couldn't tell if the cradle does charge the battery on the listed model.

That camera takes both MMC and SD like you said. Secure digital media seems to be more expensive and I would suggest picking a camera with a regular compact flash slot.

If you have a camera with a 256 or 512mb CF card, just think of how many pics they would have to snap before you needed to download.

I'd find out the top 3 uses they want the camera for and pick based on that. I'd explain why the drawbacks of the USB cradle and of course they make the final call, but any memory beyond CF or the microdrive seems to be a bad move.

For that situation a good point and shoot camera with solid sync software and a large CF card would be ideal.

This site has suggested Fuji and other brands of cameras and I don't have the wealth of knowledge to argue their suggestions, but with this sort of equipment I would stick with name brand camera manufacturers like Canon or Nikon. I just believe their optics make a huge difference and the experience with AF and other technology is also a draw.

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Originally posted by Jaseball
Hmmm...It sounds like you may be IT/IS support

hehe...yeah, i am. i've got a little more info on what the cam(s) are gonna be used for and by whom...

Take pictures of office settings and whiteboards.

SD cards are the front runner because of their compatability with iPaqs and Palms...which we have a lot of.

Enough to serve the purpose above.

$200-300 would be ideal, although i could make a case for a more expensive solution if necessary.

Wide angle/panoramic lens for snappin pics of larger office spaces.

they're execs...need i say more? i would need a mostly idiot-proof way to get the pics from the camera to the PC...hence the USB cradle option. although, i think the wide angle/panoramic option takes precedent over the cradle.

if anyone has any suggestions for a cam or cams that fit the description above, please let me know.

btw, Jaseball thanks for all the replies above.

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