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mk1 Mar 16, 2008 4:08 PM

Is there any way to add the DPOF date to a picture after that picture has been downloaded off the memory card and is OUT of the camera? Any freeware/shareware to PUT a DPOF date on a file? I want the date to print on the prints I get from my service, but didn't turn on DPOF beforehand.

JimC Mar 16, 2008 4:21 PM

Welcome to the forums.

If you want to imprint a date on your images based on the date shot in the metadata, you can use software to do that for you, including some free products like Irfanview (which can add it to selected images in batch mode and rename them, resize them and apply other corrections at the same time).

Another free program you may want to look at is Exifer (it's watermark feature can use the image's date/time stamp info). That way, you can keep copies of the images with and without a date/time stamp (which can be unsightly).

Some printing software can also add a date/time stamp from the EXIF when you print the images if you really want one there (so, that you don't even need to keep a separate copy with a date/time stamp if you really want one on a photo for some reason). For example, I noticed that the Canon Easy Photoprint software that was included with a Pixma printer I bought a while back had this feature.

Some commercial printing software can also read the date/time info and add it your photos. One example is QImage Pro (and you can download a trial version to see if you like it before buying it). It's very good software for printing images with lots of features.

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