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Hi all!

I'm going to Moscow forsome days on February. The temp there is - 13ºC during the day.

According to my camera´s specs the operating range is between 0 and 40ºC. But, as I´ve never been there before, I want to take it with me!

What would you recomend?

Thanks in advance!

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you shouldn't have any problems, though the battery capacity might drop a bit.

Condensation is the issue to watch for. When moving the camera from a cold area to warm moist area, it should be inside a plastic bag. A bread bag, shopping bag, ... anything enough biger than your camera that you can twist & tuck to close it up until the camera is warm.

Don't even think of breathing on your lens, e.g., don't blow off any snowflakes.
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Old Jan 8, 2006, 3:53 PM   #3
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BillDrew is pretty much right on. Pack an extra set of Batts in your warmest pocket.

The Ziplock bag is CRITICAL. You didn't say what camera, but be sure to use a bag large enough for cam and lens together !

You might try findng a Russian forum for first hand advice. Here in Michigan it only gets to 0° but no operation problems with my 300D, 20D, S2 Canons.
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Biggest problem is power. So remember to have at least one extra battery in warm pocket if you won't be keeping camera inside clothes most of the time.

NiMHs almost "die" when it's under zero, especially current delivery capability comes crashing down.
Apparently Li-Ions should work better, I haven't myself tested that.
(other than that cellphone Li-Ions just doesn't seem to be able to handle -5 C)

Condensation problems seems to be discussed, it isn't the cold which is the problem but warm and more humid air after cold.
And actually cold lowers noise level, leave camera (without battery) outside for hour or two to that temperature and even highest ISO should be quite noise free. :G

Then other big problem is frozen "sausages". Without good gloves, read=pressing any button smaller than 2cm hard, fingers start getting cold easily in under -5C, especially if there's even slight wind which multiplies effectiveness of cold. And if you have to stress fingers lot in same position that's other way to make cold more effective.

I'm apparently adjusted partially to cold because in right conditions (some work with enough movement) fingers feel cold for first quarter hour but after that stay warm even partially without gloves...
But on the other in winter temperature scale warmer than -10C is too hot to do anything heavier outside while in sauna anything under +80C is too cold. :?

And if you're not staying in move whole time you have enough clothes (layers of them) on when moving starts to get harder.
Also clothing with hood is very good in cold because otherwise head can be responsible for big share from total heat loss.

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